Meliha OKUR

Born in Ankara in 1961, Meliha Okur completed her primary, secondary and high school education in Karadeniz Ereğli. After graduating from Marmara University Press and Broadcasting School, Okur graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Banking. The master journalist, who started journalism in the economy service of the Ulusal Press Agency in 1981, has written news in Dünya Newspaper for many years.

Having switched to television journalism with the establishment of CNN Türk in 1997, Okur prepared and presented economic news on TV for many years. The master journalist, who paved the way for economic journalism on thematic channels in Turkey, drew the attention of the audience to “economy news” with her style of interpreting the news.

Okur is still on FOX TV’s “Benden Söylemesi” with Merve Yıldırım program at the weekend, with her comments on economic news.