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She was born in 1944, in İzmir. She had received her bachelor’s degree on economics and statistics from METU (Middle Eastern Technical University) and her master’s degree in econometrics from Vanderbilt University in USA where she was awarded with Fulbright Scholarship. Later; she studied philosophy and continued her PhD studies in Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. Her studies were focused on theology, notion and history of civilization. From 1974 onwards; she had worked as an academic at the Faculty of Economics at Istanbul University and a senior economist at State Planning Organization in Ankara. She had conducted studies about psychology and philology at The University of California. She had published a magazine called “Bizim English” in Cumhuriyet Newspaper. She had served as vice chairman in Turkish Writers’ Cooperative. She was awarded by Yasser Arafat with “Freedom Medallion” due to her studies about Palestinian Struggle. She had written various books such as: “Intellectual Despotism”, “Torturer” which had been awarded with “The best novel of the year” prize by Writers’ Association and “Not Enlightenment but Compassion”. Besides she had published “Turkey and World with Alev Alatlı” in which she had collected her interviews. Also she had published three books which she edited from her articles. They are called: “If not now, then when”, “Remember!”, “A person should be able to say no!”