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The first factory of Konya Şeker was established in 1954. 900,000 farmers within 17 cooperatives including Konya Beet Farmers’ Cooperative are indirect partners of this company. For 40 years; it had been run by the state and in 1994 it was transferred to the cooperatives. It has employed more than 6000 people. It has been providing 100,000 producers to plant beet, barley, wheat, potatoes, corn, sunflower and canola. It has also been providing 10,000 farmers to produce milk and 40,000 farmers to ranch. In Konya, it own three farmers with the capacity of 50,000 cattle. With its Embryo Production Facility; it has been breeding stocks that provide high milk and meat. Also it has contributed to the establishment of Konya Agriculture and Food University which will provide education about agriculture, food and environment. It has been conducting social responsibility projects in the fields of sports, health, education and aid. It has conducted health screening in villages. It has planted 10 million saplings in Konya plain; which is a first step in its aim which is to plant trees in the amount of Turkey’s population.