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Prof. Dr. Bingür SÖNMEZ

prof dr Bingursonmez 150x176pxCardiac Surgeon

She was born in Sarıkamış, 1952. She graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1976 and completed specialized medical education between 1977-1984  in the same university. She studied Londra St. Thomas Hastanesi’nde 1987-1990 arasında koroner cerrahisi eğitimi aldı. She recieved her PhD in 1988 and became professor in 1997. He started to work in Institute of Cardiology at Istanbul University in 1990. She served as chair of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Florence Nightingale Hospital and department of surgery at Kadir Has University Faculty of Medicine. She has been working as chair of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Memorial Hospital since 2001. She did open heart surgery over 11 thousand. She has over 100 hundred international public. She has boks such as Preparation of Radial Artery Greft, Heart Yoga and The Word Turning to Fire: Sarıkamış. She is among the editors of various medial magazines and she has contributed to cinema, documentary, book and such efforts about Sarıkamış and also she is scientific counselor. She is married with two children and one grandchild.