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Dr. Almagül İSİNA

almagulisina 150x176pxWorld Turkic Forum General Secretary

 She was born in Semey, Kazakhstan. She graduated from Department of Kazakh Language at Al-Farabi National University with a first. She worked as a teaching assistant at the same university and Department of Kazakh Language at Faculty of Philology in Semey Shakarim University. She learned Turkish at TOMER. She had earned her master’s degree and PhD at the Institute of Turkic Studies in Marmara University. She worked as a Kazakh language lecturer at Koç University. She has been working as Central Asian Expert since 2006 at Turkish Asian Centre for Strategic Studies (TASAM) and as the general secretary of World Turkic Forum since 2013. She edited many books such as; “Turkic Council, Turkic Diaspora and Socioeconomic Cooperation”, “Confidence Building in Asia and CICA”, “Regional Organizations in Asia, Institutionalization and Economic Cooperation and Development”, “Non-governmental Organizations in Development Subsidies and Capacity Development”. She has contributed to the books such as; “Turkic World Terms Manual”, “Turkic World Culture Atlas” , “The Anthology of Turkic Literature Outside of Turkey from the beginning to up until Today”, “Kazakh Literature” , “Khakass-Turkish Dictionary”.